Month: July 2016

Same dream, different tool!

Hello friends!

I often get asked what I’m doing outside of the band, if I have a job or where I make my living and in regards to this I’d now like to go public with my new venture so you all know because I will be posting updates from my new business occasionally on social media as well.

But first let me start with telling you my story so you get the background for my choices in life.

In the 80’s I was a kid growing up in Trondheim, Norway.

In ’84, at only 7 years old, I came across a VHS tape with a concert of Dire Straits that aired on TV. I remember watching “Sultans of Swing” over and over and over again and this became a huge inspiration for me to start playing the guitar.

At the age of 10 I had already been in several bands and I was now listening to Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Helloween and all those bands in the 80’s.

In my teenage years I remember dreaming of living the life of a rockstar. I remember standing up in the hill of the soccer team clubhouse looking out on the entire soccer field and imagining that it was full of people and I was playing a concert. Dreaming of big shows, dreaming of having the life of a rockstar with thousands of fans, money, mansions, women, cars, touring the world and playing the guitar in front of thousands of people and receiving praise from the masses. I guess I’m not the only one having those dreams, right?

Later on, in my teenage years, I started listening to death metal and black metal and I formed the band Ildskjaer together with a friend, which in 1995 changed the name to Keep Of Kalessin with whom I released the first demo in 1996, now 20 years ago.

When I was 21, just after the release of our second album “Agnen” the band was put on hold because of personal disputes within the band. The band was actually more or less disbanded because me and the singer at the time were no longer friends, but rather bitter enemies and we didn’t talk at all for several years.

My dream started to fade and I went and got a job for a credit card company working as a customer consultant at their call center, which basically means 100 calls a day answering questions from their customers. While working there I always had a feeling that I could do more with my life than being a call center consultant! I guess many of us have that feeling, right? That there has to be something more!?

Also around this time I was introduced to a network marketing company, or direct selling company, because my girlfriend at the time joined one. At first I thought it was just a scam and didn’t even take a look at it, but it was actually because I saw she got new friends, changed to be more positive, started to travel a bit and it was because I felt I was starting to loose her that I decided to at least take a look.

I remember that first meeting with her sponsor when I actually sat down and looked at it and I thought “Hmm. This is actually possible!”. I almost didn’t sleep that night because once again I saw something that did enable me to once again start dreaming big.

So I decided to join the company and for a few months I was running around to friends and family trying to sell household products like toothpaste, cleaning products and diet pills. Haha. Can you imagine? With my long, black hair and leather pants, selling soap and toothpaste? It must have looked strange for my family and I understand why they kinda frowned upon me and my new business.

However, today I’m actually very happy that I did this, because I learned so much and I still remember some of the principles I learned in this company. And those principles and the change in mindset that happened in these months actually made it possible for me to achieve more in the music business.

Now, it was at this time that I got a message from my younger brother when I was at work in the call center saying “Hey, Satyricon is looking for a new guitarist. Maybe you should apply?”.

Satyricon was one of the biggest black metal bands in the world and I sent them an e-mail and applied for the job as their live guitarist.

I was quite shocked when Satyr called me up a few days later to invite me to an audition and I had 2-3 weeks to learn some of their songs. I saw this as a great opportunity and decided to really work and be prepared for that audition and during the Inferno Festival in 2002 I was in Satyricon’s rehearsal room auditioning for them.

Some weeks later I was offered the position as their live guitarist and I did their festival run in 2002 while still keeping my job at the credit card company. My first show with Satyricon was a small show at Rock In in Oslo for some invited guests and close friends, but the second was just before Rammstein on the main stage at the Quart Festival in Norway in front of 10 000 people. The childhood dream had become a reality.

However, in autumn 2002 I had to make a decision if I was going to stay with the “safe job” or quit my job and continue touring with Satyricon.

Now, many of you will think that this is an easy decision because you think that playing in bands like that will make you a lot of money, but I knew that this was not the case. Already at this time the music business had started to change a lot. Bands were touring and not many of them were able to make any money. With Satyricon, being quite a big band, it should be possible to make some money, but the big problem was: what do you do in between tours when it’s absolutely impossible to keep a job because you need so much time off to go on tour? And yes, you could make some money from touring, but not enough to last several months in between. I was also just the live guitarist which meant that I would not earn any money if the band took time off or if they were going to use some months in the studio to record a new album.

This has for so many years been the biggest challenge and I know so many other musicians struggling with the same. The band is not big enough to make a full living and not small enough to just keep as a hobby. You’re stuck in between.

Anyway, I quit my job and I somehow managed to continue playing for them until I quit in 2007. I also re-started Keep Of Kalessin and all the years I was constantly building my own band on the side of touring with Satyricon.

So throughout all these years, I feel that we’ve accomplished a lot. At least more than most people do in the music biz and I am truly grateful that I decided to go for it because I have been on stages playing in front of 30 000, 50 000 and even more than 100 000 people. And when I have been on those stages, I have actually taken the time to remember back to my childhood dream looking out over that soccer field.  I have toured the world for the most part of my adult life playing countless shows in clubs, concert halls and festivals.

But still through all these achievements there has been one thing constantly holding back my appreciation for making my hobby become my job…. and that is money. Or actually, the lack of money. My hobby….my passion….suddenly became just a grind for money and if you consider the hours we work in composing albums, planning tours and going on the road….the payment is actually totally ridiculously low! After my 5 years in Satyricon, one of the biggest bands out there, I calculated that my gross income was about 200 NOK per show. That’s about 20 euros per show over a 5 years period. Because sometimes we earned a lot, but then just to do a whole month of touring almost without income.

So living the dream actually became reality in regards to having those awesome moments that I would not trade for anything, but as far as money, cars, mansions and the “rockstar lifestyle” goes, it’s not a reality for most bands, even the ones at the top, in 2016.

Understand me correctly, I’m actually not complaining because I understand that we’ve been quite fortunate to make it this far in a quite narrow path of the music biz playing extreme metal and all. And it’s always about creating value for people. The ones that creates the most value for the most people earns the most money. So I guess we haven’t been able to create that value for enough people….yet.

But after almost two decades of dedicating my life to music only, I decided in my mid 30’s that it was time for change. I was seriously tired of having to ask my parents for economic help and I started to downgrade Keep Of Kalessin to a hobby only.

At first I started taking small jobs and I took the job as a bartender at one of the largest disco’s in Trondheim. I was also offered the opportunity to join another network marketing company again after not doing that for 15 years. It was a great company and we promoted energy drinks which suits me better than soap and toothpaste and I made some money from it. In fact I learned again about residual income and I remember one month that I was on tour with Keep Of Kalessin I earned more from the organisation I had built in that company than I did from the tour. And that was a great feeling. To have almost double the income on tour because my salary didn’t stop even if I went away for a while.

In the disco I had been working earlier I had met some interesting people and one of the owners understood that I had more to offer than being just a bartender so we actually decided to start our own company.

So me and the owner of the disco started our own business doing website development and selling that in the B2B market here in Trondheim. But I soon realized all the headaches with operating such a business with office rent, salaries to our sales team and general administration of everything. You work more and earn less than a normal paid job, especially in the startup and going on tour is absolutely impossible the first years when you run your own company.

But throughout this period I also started learning more and more about the network marketing industry and I actually totally fell in love with that business model. To get a chance to have all the benefits of owning your own company, but none of the drawbacks like huge investments, risk, employees and headaches about product development and such. I saw the benefits of this model very clear because I was running my own company at the same time.

Because I was doing quite well with the energy drink, the owner of the disco one day asked me to take a look at another company he had come across. At first I said no, but a month or two later I got asked again from his partner and at that time I said to myself, “Well, at least I have to take a look! Because saying no to something I know nothing about is just being ignorant and not a very wise thing to do.”

A few days later, I met with some businessmen from Bergen and I got to take a look at Lyoness. And I will be forever grateful that I did! Because in that first meeting with the two businessmen I saw something…..I saw a company with the potential like no other.

I kept in touch with these two guys from Bergen while I kept on building the energy drink organisation and running the website company as well as writing a new album for Keep Of Kalessin.

But after a while I just knew that I had to make a choice. I told my organisation that I was going to change companies and in April 2015, a year after I first signed up with Lyoness, I started working with Lyconet which is the marketing division of Lyoness and right now, from my point of view, the most exciting business opportunity on the planet.


In that year a lot has happened and I have just realized that this whole process has now put me in the middle of one of the biggest momentums of our time! I am forever grateful that I was able to see this before it is happening because within just the last 12 months the company has changed so much that it’s almost not recognizable anymore. And now we’re ready to blow all records in the industry and create something truly unique. And btw. I’m talking about the network marketing industry which is double the size of the music industry and movie industry combined!

I still have some friends coming from the music biz, totally without understanding of the network marketing industry, saying things like “Do you really believe you’re going to make money in that pyramid scheme?”. But if you look at the numbers on the image below, I’d actually turn the table and say, “Do you really think you’re gonna make money in the music biz?”.


I actually believe I’m in the middle of the team that will build one of the biggest companies on the planet within the next 5 years! And to be part of that, and to get a share of all that revenue is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Do you know the saying: “You have to take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity!”?  Well, never before has this been more true! And this is the reason why I now have decided not to tour with Keep Of Kalessin until autumn 2017. Because I simply don’t have time, as my freedom is more important at the moment!

It is still the same dream that is the fuel for all of this because I still believe that life has more to offer for those willing to work hard (and smart) for it! I just found another tool to reach that dream. A tool that makes it possible for me to have the experiences AND the money, which is almost impossible in the music industry today. Does this mean that I’m now working with something I’m not passionate about? Not at all! I totally love this company and this concept! And I’m just as passionate when I’m on stage speaking to my team or helping new entrepreneurs reach their dreams as I am on stage with the guitar in my hand.

In my recent years doing all of this, I have become addicted to attaining residual income! I believe it’s the only type of income worth working for and never in my life have I seen a model that creates freedom through residual income like the Lyconet compensation plan!

I don’t want this blog post to be a “sales-pitch” to you guys, but rather an information blog because I’ve been thinking a long while about “going public” with the fact that this is what I’m doing now.

But I still think it’s fair that I post a couple of videos so you understand more of what I’m talking and of course, being in Network Marketing now, I am available for anyone who’d like to learn more about this company and the unique opportunity for you to create the lifestyle of your dreams with the tools available to you in this company because the model of “make money from people saving money on their daily spending” is as good as it gets! But the time for doing this is limited as the company will be almost done in the building phase in Europe in just 10-16 months from now!

And yes, it is Lyoness that operates the Keep Of Kalessin Cashback Card, so I have taken this also into the band. Because I’ve always thought of a band like a small business and their program makes it possible for a band like us to actually earn money when our fans save money on their daily groceries, gas, clothing and daily shopping as well as the fact that we save money on CRM-systems that enables us to keep more in touch with our fans. Imagine that, a band making money not only from merch or concerts, but rather the entire household of their fans! It’s almost unbelievable.

And in Lyconet, which is network marketing, relations marketing… means that anyone can earn money from recommending their friends and family to save money with our partners worldwide. This includes businesses like Carrefour, OMV and thousands of SME around the globe. And yes, this also means that you can earn money from recommending Keep Of Kalessin to your friends! 😉 It’s the most uniqe win-win-win situation I have seen in my life and I am active as a Lyconet Marketer as well as having my band as an SME! So now you know! 🙂

For me, Lyconet has already changed my life completely in regards to finance and relationships as well as education in economics, self development and the mindset of achieving success.

So who knows, it might do the same for you!


If you’re interested to learn more, here are some videos to check out:



The World of Lyoness:

Also watch this video:

What is the Lyconet Customer Cloud:

Here I am with other leaders at the Lyconet Leader Seminar in July 2016:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I wish you all the best in achieving whatever success you’re looking for in life! 🙂

best regards,