The Skill Of Making Money

Isn’t it strange. Most people use years of their life learning certain skills so that these skills can in turn make them an income. This is why people go to school. To learn something that they can exchange for money throughout the rest of their lives.

But why take the indirect approach and learn skills that can make you money when you can instead learn the skill of making money directly?

Today, you can learn basically anything on the internet…for free.

Everything from learning to play the guitar to eyebrow dancing, walking like a crab or learning to talk backwards.

But if there’s one skill you should learn above all others, I suggest you start with the skill of making money.

Because what I’ve noticed is that in today’s world, the skill of making money is actually the most important skill you can have. And before you shout how you hate money and that it’s unfair that the rich are getting richer and how “everyone cannot be rich. We need doctors, nurses, teachers” and so on…please take the time to read this entire blog.

It’s just an honest truth! Yes, we need all these people who are crucial to a society, but all of us also need to make money!

And the ONLY reason someone would make a claim that “we need doctors and nurses” when I mention making money as a skill, is if they believe making money is the same as having a job or what you do for a living!

Let’s be totally honest! We ALL need money! We ALL need an income! But what if you could make as much money as you want and then do whatever you want on the side of that? Actually, what if your “money making activities” took just a small fraction of your time and your main focus in life could be on contribution and creating value?

Wouldn’t we all have more energy, be more happy, be able to contribute more to society?

And right now your mind is probably fighting this very idea because you’ve been taught your entire life that the only way to make money is having a job! Which couldn’t be further from the truth!

Noone is actually paid on their time! You’re paid on the VALUE you contribute or create in that time!

So the first thing you need to understand is that money is everywhere around us and it’s enough for everyone. For someone to get rich doesn’t necessarily mean that someone needs to stay poor!

We often hear about inflation and how we cannot just “create more money”. But what if we created more value? If we created more value, then more money could be created without the inflation. Isn’t that right?

So let me ask you, how focused are you on creating value?

Yes, I agree that seeing children and families in developing countries struggle hurts and noone deserves to live that way today. There are wars and bad stuff happening, but I truly believe that despite all these troubles we are able to overcome them as a society if we work together and educate the world.

Have you ever heard that on the airplanes they tell you to “put on your own mask first”?

Why do they say that? It’s because if you faint, you’re not able to help others!

Or to put it this way: if you’re not even able to help yourself you’re definitely not able to help others!

I’ve been broke all my life! And I’ve never even thought about contributing to others that much. I created my music, but I always felt underpaid as a musician. But in recent years I’ve come to terms with the fact that our music is not interesting enough for enough people. And that’s ok! I create what I would listen to myself. But by having different income streams, I am now able to not stress and feel frustrated about it all the time! I enjoy it more than ever!

But when it comes to money I see so much fear and negativity in the world!

It’s really strange because it’s something we all need and it’s something we all care about! Yet, most people actually tense up and start saying things like “Well, money is not that important to me.” and pretend that they don’t care.

But I want you to be REALLY honest when you answer these questions:

  1. If money was NOT an issue. Let’s say that you had 200 million in the bank. Would you continue doing what you do today?
    1. If yes, great for you! Then you’re right where you should be, but we both agree that you could do MORE of what you love!
    2. If no, then money is VERY important to you. Actually it’s so important that you’re willing to sell your precious time to get more of it!
  2. If you got rich, would you be able to contribute more or less to others?
    1. If your answer is more, great! Then you should start creating a plan on how you can make the world a better place immediately! Doing otherwise would make you a selfish person!
    2. If your answer is less! Fantastic! Then you know WHY the universe will never give you a lot of money because if you would use that money for selfish acts only, then you don’t deserve it.
  3. If you got rich, would the world get better or worse?
    1. If the answer is better. Great! Then you know that playing small is not serving the world! It should be your duty to get there as fast as possible!
    2. If the answer is worse. Thanks for being honest! Now you know why you’re not rich and why you’ll never be rich! Because in most cases you actually need to contribute or create something the world needs in order to get rich!

When I ask these questions most people will answer yes and that the world would be a better place if THEY got rich. But if others get rich, that’s a bad thing? Where’s the logic in that!

Some even say “Yeah, because only bad people will chase money!”. Yeah, well. If that’s your logic you also understand that because “good” people like you are always broke it gives room for all the “bad” and rich people to do what they do.

So how about you step up and help more “good” people like you get into the top 1% then?

I hear people complain every day about the rich getting richer and how unfair the world is. This is actually the true global pandemic! We’re creating an entitled population that focus on what they GET before they even think about what they should GIVE!

And this is the main reason why society is OFF! Because this goes against every universal law that we know!

As you sow, you shall reap!
As you give, you will get!

And probably a thousand more sayings similar to this has been rooted into history in all cultures of the world. Yet, we find ourselves out of balance in today’s society and I belive that we must focus a lot more on entrepreneurlial education that ever before because the entrepreneur understand that he needs to CREATE before he can EXPECT!

Entitlement is at a larger scale than ever before! We just want want want! And the crazy thing is that the mindset of making money is actually the opposite! Even though many believe it’s evil it’s actually what you all want and now I’m gonna be straight up and tell you the reason why the rich are getting richer and the majority is not!

You see, it’s not because of the rich taking your money! It’s because you give it freely away!

Yes, you heard me right! You need to wake up and realize the reason why “they” are rich and you are broke is because the majority created that world of our own choice!

We all did! It’s our own fault! But the great thing is that it is possible to change it! And it starts with you changing your mindset about money and realize that learning the skill of making money is in NO WAY a bad skill to have!

When the first stimulus-check during the Covid-19 pandemic were paid to the people, Amazon saw an immediate spike in their numbers. How crazy is that. People get 1200$ from the government to pay their bills and be able to survive for the next couple of months and they immediately spend billions of dollars on their favourite online platform turning Jeff Bezos into the richest man on the planet! The weeks after, the same people turn to the internet and complain about him getting richer and how unfair it is that he is not paying taxes.

Well, what if all of us had a choice? You realize that you actually have a choice if you want to pay taxes or not?

No? So what is the TRUE difference between those who pay taxes and those who don’t?

The tax system is fantastic really. I learned this the hard way when I had to pay 100 000€ in additional taxes some years back. Oh my god, how that hurt! But that lesson was the best I’ve ever had!

You see, the tax system when simplified, works like this:

  1. You pay taxes when:
    1. You spend money selfishly on yourself
    2. When the money is doing NOTHING just sitting in the bank
    3. Or when you are not using money for GOOD of the majority
  2. You DON’T pay taxes when:
    1. You spend money on others. Like charity, giveaways or similar
    2. Your money is DOING something. Like being used to build your business or someone else’s business
    3. You are using money for GOOD of the majority. Bulding business, giving value, creating something….simply put….building society and helping the world move forward!

How crazy is that to think about? Total, complete shocker, right?! 😮

This is why paying zero taxes is actually a good thing!

So the main takeaway here is to understand that money is not the root of all evil! Poverty is!

This is why you should re-think your education right now! I coach a lot of people and I see most of them are actually afraid of making money and therefor they are not turning “making money” into their priority! Because they have been taught that people who make money are “evil”!

Strange that all the “evil” metalheads I know are broke then! 😉

Ok, I hope you got some value out of this and changing your mindset is not done overnight and certainly not by reading ONE blog post like this! I just wanted to nudge you a little in the right direction. So if you want to move forward and start re-programming your mind and learn the skill of making money, read on. If not, your journey ends here.

The skill of making money

The skill of making money is actually quite simple. Because it’s not even a skill. It’s just a priority and focus!

Imagine if you from today just shifted your focus to learning how to set up additional income streams without risk and tomorrow you would actually have a tiny bit better financial situation.

It’s like loosing weight. I remember this fantastic bit on Mad TV I saw one time where they were doing an infomercial for a new weigth loss program. It took the bull by the horns and just nailed the essence of it all.


Haha. That’s actually how easy it is to loose weight.

But what about money? Isn’t it just the same?


If you spend less and earn more, then your financial situation would increase quite rapidly? Not by big steps, but small small steps at a time.

If you decided to save some money today, you would have more money tomorrow. But the question should be how to use that money to create more and here is where it’s getting a little more tricky. Because most of us don’t have any education in this.

The great thing is that there are countless opportunities out there to create income streams fairly easy
The bad thing is that today there are countless opportunities out there to create income streams fairly easy

But I like to keep things simple so I wrote another blog post about how it’s basically just two things you can spend your money on. Read more about those two things in THIS blog post.

It’s all about a decision and focus! Make that decision that in 2021 you DESERVE to be able to set yourself up financially! And that it’s a GOOD thing to do so!

If there’s one skill we should master in the world today it is for sure the skill of making money. The skill of creating value!

Decide to learn the Skill Of Making Money and you’ll never worry about money again!


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