8 Online Businesses You Can Start TODAY!

More and more people are looking for ways to make a secondary income from home. Some are looking to replace their full time income and some are even dreaming about financial freedom.

No matter where you are and where you want to go, getting started with a Home Based Business or an Online Business has never been easier…..or cheaper!

I always tell my students that I could list 50 different ideas and show you how to be up and running in just a few hours. Some of them even just a few minutes. However, there is ONE thing that all businesses need which is why I also teach my students on focusing on this ONE thing, first! Because if you nail that one, you will be unstoppoable in ANY of the others.

But before I explain it, let’s take a look at 10 Business Models you can start right away and be up and running TODAY!

Some of these ideas also work great in combination.

1. A Brand
Yup. You don’t even need a business anymore. You just need a brand! Influencers are constantly building their personal brand and then opportunities will come their way once they get enough followers. However, gaining those followers will take a lot of time and a lot of work and if you don’t want to use your own name or personal brand, you can always invent one. Once you have the brand, you can start selling and building a following using FREE traffic from Facebook or Google. Yep, you normally need to pay for traffic from the big boys, but if you set up a “self liquidating lead system” all followers are basically free. Meaning, you sell enough products to cover your ad costs so all your ads, leads and followers are free.

2. A Teespring Store
If you’ve decided on your own brand, you can set up your own webshop using Teespring or similar services in just a few minutes. The great thing about a service like this is that you have zero setup and running costs. Teespring will make money whenever you sell a t-shirt or any product they offer. After running my shops on Shopify for many years, I actually prefer Teespring because of the ease of use and low running costs. No storage of products. No up front costs. No difficult shipping fees etc. because everything is handled by Teespring. Simply upload the design and start selling.

3. eCom Business
If you have products you want to sell it has become increasingly easy to sell them online. Systems like Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCartel, Wix or Squarespace are useful tools that you can use to set up your own webshop in just a few hours or minutes, depending on your level of expertise. If you’re not sure how to set one up, but you’re determined to start selling, you can use Fiverr to hire someone for a very low fee to set it up for you. I always suggest thinking like an entrepreneur and business leader, not like the solopreneur all the time. Because the time you will save by hiring someone else to do technical stuff for you can be a very positive calculation if you take a look at the whole picture.

4. Affiliate Marketing
More and more people are getting involved in Affiliate Marketing and there’s no doubt that people are making a lot of money from these type of business models. The most important skill as an Affiliate is that you learn how to drive traffic. Your job is actually nothing else than driving traffic to someone else’s landing page or sales page. You make commissions when people are buying someone else’s products. A great way to set yourself up with a business that has very low cost to start and a great potential. It is easier than ever to find something to sell online and by using systems like Clickbank you can find thousands of products in basically every niche possible where you can start selling and making commissions already today! However, Affiliate Marketing requires great skills in running ads and steering traffic and if you truly want to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, you should make sure that you understand the TCC method! Don’t just give your customers away to the partner you’re affiliated with. Make sure that you collect the customer data using a landing page of your own. This way you’re able to re-connect and sell other products to them later! Another great tip is to keep to the 3 major niches that never change, no matter the situation in the world. These niches are health, wealth and relationships.

5. Become a Consultant
Too many people are thinking that they need to develop products in order to sell something online. Nowadays, we also see that a lot of people are creating their own courses or trainings which they sell online. And many of them are making A LOT of money! However, selling your own course is still your own product. Which means that you will have to create it, unless you’re selling other people’s trainings, but then you’re an affiliate marketer. But there is another way to become a consultant overnight, which basically means that you help people or businesses solve problems. And how can you solve a problem unless you know how to solve it? You hire someone that knows how to do it! Did you know that I can help you with ANYTHING? Yes, ANYTHING! Do you want traffic to your site, just tell me and I’ll make it happen….for a fee ofcourse. Do you want to have a YouTube video for your business created? No problem, I can make that happen. What about building websites for businesses, running Facebook and Google ads for businesses or maybe even teaching kids how to play the violin? The thing is, if you are able to establish a connection with someone, find a problem/challenge that they have and then solve that challenge, then they will gladly pay you for it! And how can you solve ANY problem? You hire someone else to do it! Let’s say that you have a business and that you need a website created. Even though I actually know how to create quite advance websites, I would help you out the easy way. Because today you can get almost any expertise from Fiverr or Freelancer.com. That is why it is possible for anyone to help anyone with anything in today’s market. The opportunities are limitless! Ofcourse it is best to focus on something you’re personally passionate about, but I would suggest you simply find a niche and learn to solve a problem in that niche using other people to actually do it.

6. Become a person for hire
As I explained in #5, you can hire people to do basically anything you need done today. However, if you have certain skills, you can very easily become a person for hire as well. Do you have a great voice for vidoes? Why not sell that skill on Fiverr. Do you have IT or programming skills. Then sign up to Freelancer and start earning money by working from home for someone else that need those skills. The biggest challenge with this, except that you need certain skills, is that the market is extremely saturated right now. There are so many people around the world with amazing skills in design, sound design, coding, marketing, sales and more that costs almost nothing to hire! This is why I will always prefer to be on the “business owner” side of things. It is much safer and you have much more control on how much money you make.

7. Dropshipping
A lot of people are talking about Dropshipping and it can for sure be a great way to make money online. Dropshipping is basically where you set up your own eCom store using Shopify or similar systems, but instead of keeping a storage and shipping the products yourself, you simply do the sale, collect the money and then order from a supplier who ships the product directly to the customer. No storage. No upfront costs for product development or purchase of products. But certain technical skills are needed and as always, you will need to drive traffic to your site. I think Dropshipping is great and I have used a combination of dropshipping, affiliate marketing and ordinary shipping on my sites throughout the years, but today there are many other ways that are much easier to get started with and have a lot more potential of freedom than running your own online store.

8. Network Marketing
A business model that is often left out on lists like this, but I think should not be, is Network Marketing. After all, there are more than 100 million people around the world involved in this industry and it’s generating more millionaires every year than all the others combined. So why aren’t more people talking about this? Well, I think some of it is because of the reputation the industry has and also the fact that media does NOT want this model to be the preferred choice for marketing products and services, because if word of mouth marketing was the preferred way to promote something, big media companies would loose their income from paid ads and marketing. Because YOU would get that money insead.
Ok, let’s face it. The world hasn’t really understood the concept of Network Marketing and the true power of it. When it comes to creating time AND money freedom, I truly believe that there is no business like it. It is a model where you team up with a company that already have developed products and systems for you to tap into. Basically Network Marketing is the same as Affiliate Marketing, but with the added value of the potentail of leverage and residual income. Now, if you’re going to do Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping, why wouldn’t you want to add leverage and residual income to the mix? Because a business without leverage (making money on other people’s efforts) or residual income (making money several times over after the first sale) cannot create time and money freedom. It’s just a simple fact. You MUST have leverage and residual income in your business in order to create true time and money freedom. The challenge with Network Marketing, however, is that the business-model has a bit of a stigma to it from inexperienced marketers/distributors nagging friends and family to buy their products. I always say, “Network Marketing is the worst job in the world, if you do it wrong. But Network Marketing is the best job in the world, if you do it right!”. Network Marketing is the only business-model where you can start with very low skills and build as you go through FREE coaching from people who are already successful. That simple fact alone makes it worthwhile to take a REAL look at the model and while all other business-models require skills in driving a lot of traffic to your businesses, Network Marketing is the only model where it IS possible to build a large, international business without paying tons of money for ads and traffic because of the leverage through other people’s efforts.

So there you go. 8 different businesses that you can start and be up and running TODAY! And if you see the similarities between all these you also see that ANY business needs customers! No matter what type of business you start, you should understand that connecting with the customer is the most important thing in ANY business.

I hope this was valuable and if you need any help getting started, just let me know and I’ll gladly be of service! 🙂


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