The TCC method!

Many people see the world going into the abyss right now.

But there are also more people than ever having their life’s biggest awakening in situations like these, when their lives are being disruptet and they realize that they need to change!

They need to change how they think!
They need to change how they act!
They need to change how they respond!
They need to change what they do!

And as more and more people are looking for ways to make money online or start their own business I also see people making the same old mistakes over and over again. Mistakes that, with just a little bit of research, could have been prevented.

Anyone who’s been in business for a while understand that the core essence of running any business is actually to solve problems for people. If you can’t solve a problem, you won’t make money.

By problems I mean everything from solving the problem for people looking for something to eat to solving the problem of helping someone start their online business.

Entrepreneurs are problem-solvers and the more people you help solve their problem and the bigger the problems you solve, the more you get paid as an entrepreneur.

But here also lies the challenge. Because now more entrepreneurs than ever are being born! They jump into entrepreneurship launching their own webshop, getting involved in affiliate deals, selling on Amazon or starting their own consulting business.

They all are trying to find SOMETHING to sell! They are focused on WHAT to sell!

But here’s the difference between those who truly will thrive in the coming years and those who will be more frustrated and burned out in some years from now.

You see, there’s something I call the TCC method that is crucial for any new entrepreneur to understand! Actually, I think you would be CRAZY to start ANY business without understanding this concept in the new decade!

Because today, ANYONE can with just a few clicks of a button find whatever product to sell and most of the time at the best price.

This is why I flipped everything around and stopped focusing on WHAT to sell or HOW to sell it. Actually, I started focusing on WHO to sell to!

The inspiration for this blog-post came from an article I read on where they had interviewed an up and coming restaurant CEO that had started to ask their customer what they wanted. So they basically made up the menu from the customers’ needs and wants. This had made a great positive impact on their turnover.

But think about this, it’s very natural and it’s actually more easy than trying to guess their customers’ needs through sales statistics and such.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own business, think about this.

What if you forgot about what to sell and how to sell it for a minute and started focusing on TCC!

What is TCC, you might ask?

TCC stands for The Customer Connection!

Imagine focusing ONLY on customer aquisition FIRST! Gathering a huge pile of customers first. And then you can basically ask them what they want!

I want a new car! Great, I’ll get you a new car!
I want a Michael Kors purse! Great, I’ll get you exactly the one you want!
I need flight tickets to Spain! Fantastic, here’s your flight tickets!

You see, if you connect the customers FIRST, you will never, ever be worried about how to monetize your business because let’s face it…..everyone needs stuff all the time anyway! It’s just that they might not want exactly what you offer at this time….unless you offer EVERYTHING!

All companies like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Instagram, AliExpress, Amazon and most other big companies focus their MAIN ACTIVITY on TCC! And when they have their customer data, then they can focus on monetizing which becomes the easy part! They simply offer them what they want at the exact time they want it!

Today there are a few systems that help you do this on a grand scale even if you’re running your own little home based business and this is the concept that I used when launching my own online business a few years back and I was able to generate a sales volume of 10M euros in just 24 months earning commissions on “everything” people bought.

Don’t waste your time setting up a webshop…unless you have customers asking for it!
Don’t waste your money trying to produce products, apps or services that you don’t even know will work in the market!

Simply turn the tables, gather the customers first and THEN help them fill their needs! And automize as much of the process ofcourse!

No product development
No setup
No costs upfront
No technical setup

Plug & Play – Freedom Come! šŸ˜€


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